Firefox 4 Party!

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On April 15 the Mozilla communities all around the World are going to celebrate the release of Firefox 4, a long-awaited release that brings a whole new set of features to your everyday browsing experience. Here's the presentation video for the party that'll take place in Rome: I am going to be there, and you? :)

The app whore syndrome

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I know, I am getting used to rant about whatever shit happens around the interwebs lately, but sometimes I just can't stand what I see or read.Specifically this time's about the app store fever that's lately bouncing around every corner I step in.


The Drupal App Store

Drupal App Store LogoA few weeks ago it was Drupal's turn: during the Drupal Dev Days in Brussels Robert Douglass came out with the idea of a Drupal App Store, which basically is supposed to give developers and themers a way to get some money back from their own hard work and "go pro". Fair enough, if only this wasn't the exact opposite of what Drupal has been so far: think about all the volunteer and/or sponsored code that has been contributed; how many modules, themes and documentation has been created this way until now? I don't really understand why everyone should just try to mimic Apple one way or another. Sorry guys, but in my opinion you're just gonna fuck up the community by throwing money in that way: Mortendk exposed all his points in this article on his blog, therefore I won't spend too many other words on this topic, I'll just keep watching and add some VikingRage® to his in case it'll be necessary :).


Firefox u haz no cheezboorger anymoar pls

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Ok, I can't keep it inside forever, it's just too much to carry for one single person.

Check this out:

Firefox 4 unbelievable memory consumption

Yep: it's exactly a 1.58, one point fifty-eight.

Considering I had 5 tabs open - just plain website with no plugins running or such - and the 4 GB ram shipped by default on a lastgen MBP 17" on top of which it was running, I gotta say "Wow".

The end of all things to come

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11022011 has been a strange, sad day for a lot of people.
"Nokia + Microsoft. Here we go." title
"To hell", presumably.

Jokes aside, it's good to see how Nokia completely shatterd everybody's enthusiasm and hope in their upcoming ecosystem.
I am no economist and I have no clue about what to do to save burning platforms, except that throwing some fuel in might not be a reasonable choice.

Setting up Qt on Android - Part 1

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It's more or less one year now since I first had my eyes on the cool Qt framework. Until now, I enjoyed playing with it every now and then as a hobby, creating small demo applications for my own interest. What has always kept me a bit away from seriously engaging with them is their "limited" support for mainstream mobile platforms: iOs, Android and Blackberry.

The Little Mermaid has gone to Shangai

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Ok probably it' s not that fair to start an article about Drupalcon Copenhagen from the (chronological-wise) end, but I had to tell somebody 'bout this, just to share the tiny little bit of disappointment I felt when I discovered after a three-hours walk in the city that… the Little Marmaid has literally gone to Shangai. Not joking, pictures follow. Anyway, focus please.

DrupalCon 2010: Copenhagen
Let the röck begin and please, take the cars off the entrance :)

Say hello to my first module on!

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Yesterday I finally got access to the CVS, so now I can commit modules to Drupal's repository: because of this, let me take the great pleasure in introducing my first officially published module, ePub. Useless to say, I am incredibly excited by this new opportunity, I hope to increase the contributions starting from the near future(I already have another couple of things in the pot... :)